Poplar Corner Cemetery Adair Community,
Madison County, Tennessee

Transcribed by Ola Horton Cates 6/1999 ocates@usit.net

Alexander, Daisy V.--------3/15/1915-    married 10/31/1931
Alexander, E. Kenneth------3/19/1908-3/12/1995 (husband of Daisy)

Allen, Lizzie--------------10/2/1878-10/23/1961

Clark, Leon----------------12/5/1930-1/21/1984
Clark, Willis Mathis-------10/30/1914-1/21/1997

Coder, Emily Louise--------1926-
Coder, Oliver Ray----------7/26/1914-2/13/1991 (husband of Emily Louise)Married 3/16/1955 Crawford, Jannie Lou-------12/7/1926-7/1928 (infant dau.of F.P.and Lorene Christie Crawford) Crawford, Lee Wilson-------2/25/1924-7/1926 (son of F.P.and Lorene Christie Crawford) Crawford, Felix Riley "Pete"--10/29/1898-12/18/1981 Crawford, Ethel Lee Wren---9/18/1902-12/5/1996 (wife of Felix "Pete") Crawford, Amos Carl--------1920-1936 Crawford, Travis W.--------7/27/1924-1/14/1959 Cpl US Marine Corps Crawford, Horace B.--------11/29/1909-11/19/1958 Crawford, J.C.-------------11/12/1873-4/13/1969 Crawford, Delar May--------5/29/1878-4/19/1961 (wife of J.C.) Crawford, F.B.-------------1848-1924 Crawford, Ruth C.----------1854-1945 (wife of F.B.) Crawford, George T.--------1876-1961 Crawford, Myrtle A.--------1886-1970 (wife of George T.) Crawford, Robert Lee-------11/12/1913-1/27/1994
Crawley, James Stanley-----9/21/1904-4/22/1986 Dudley, Lee A.-------------3/4/1861-3/2/1939 Dudley, Susie B.-----------1881-1936 Dudley, J.M.---------------1866-1940 Dudley, Ben G.-------------1917-1934 Dudley, James E.-----------1/18/1905-9/12/1955 Dutton, William Howard-----1911-1986 PFC USA WWII Elder, Betty Catherine-----died 8/8/1946 (wife of Roy Jr) Elder, Roy "Junior"--------died 11/22/1989 Francis, Bettie J. Dudley--5/16/1932-3/10/1988 (Beloved Mother) Francis, Timothy Elton-----6/30/1958-8/22/1992 Galloway, Robert F.--------5/5/1917-3/5/1990 Galloway, Carrie B.--------10/15/1918-12/28/1984 (wife of Robert F.) Galloway, John C.----------10/4/1947-1/11/1997 Hardin, Kathern P.----------7/9/1911-6/16/1957 Hardin, Claude V.-----------4/1/1909-5/4/1982 Hardin, Allene P.-----------2/14/1914-12/8/1997 (wife of Claude V.) Harris, Billy--------------10/24/1937-9/1/1938 Harris, Lavern-------------12/4/1933-1/29/1935 Harris, Ruth---------------12/21/1935-12/25/1935 Harris, Willie G.-----------2/1/1903-4/15/1955 Harris, Grace---------------9/25/1910-11/9/1983 (wife of Willie G.) Hathcote, Allen C.----------child     1938-1939 Hathcote, Wilson------------Tennessee PVT 20 QM Truck Co. WWII no dates Hembree, Dolly--------------4/6/1848-7/27/1927 (wife of A.P.C. Hembree) Holland, Kate---------------4/12/1908-3/26/1982 Holland, Nathan-------------7/3/1904-11/22/1984 (husband of Kate) Holquin, Barbara Nanney-----2/3/1940-10/1/1996 Horton, Aaron C.------------5/23/1910-11/7/1964 Horton, Calvin M.-----------8/6/1861-5/31/1940 Horton, Mrs. Lou------------1872-1945 (wife of Calvin M.) Hudgins, Gretchen J.--------9/10/1899-2/19/1991( wife of Harvey P.) Hudgins, Harvey P.----------Sgt. 154 Inf 39 Div WWI -4/3/1937 Jackson, David A.-----------1876-1960 (husband of Tip L.) Jackson, Tip L.-------------1891-19(not inscribed but deceased) Jarvis, Helen---------------9/29/1915-4/7/1991 Jarvis, John Thomas---------7/9/1911-10/19/1973 Jones, Walter R.------------2/6/1883-7/11/1925 Jones, Carrie B.------------10/10/1884-3/3/1989 (wife of Walter R.) Jones, Reuben H.------------11/4/1910-12/14/1929 Jones, Matthew O.-----------1/11/1877-7/15/1954 Jones, Ida E.---------------8/24/1887-10/20/1978 (wife of Matthew O.) Jones, Magarette Priest-----6/13/1925-8/3/1989 Jones, Marshall Lee Daniel--4/11/1912-1/4/1984 (husband of Magarette Priest) Lovelace, Bernice Crowe-----2/16/1897-12/2/1969 Lovelace, Pete--------------8/23/1885-9/13/1950 (husband of Bernice) Marcom, Iris Marie----------8/30/1930-9/2/1983 (wife of Raymond) Marcom, Raymond Crawford----9/21/1927-3/15/1977
Marcom, Jane Carolyn--------9/2/1931-3/21/1932 (dau of J.W. Marcom) Marcom, John W.-------------8/11/1981-7/7/1976
Marcom, Irene C.------------5/5/1902-7/30/1988 (wife of John W. "Jack") Marcom, William S.----------5/12/1924-6/29/1974

Mayfield, Fern--------------8/30/1916-1/5/1998 (wife of Leonard) Mayfield, Leonard-----------11/19/1917-4/7/1972 PFC 465 MP Patrol Plat WWII

Moore, Clara May------------7/16/1910-
Moore, Floyd----------------10/12/1906-5/14/1993 (husband of Clara May)Moss, J.S. 1892-1933 Nanney, Josephine-----------12/4/1924-6/26/1928 Nanney, Edgar Jr------------1922-1927 Nanney, Gene F.-------------10/2/1926-11/10/1926 Newsom, Rayburn Z.----------12/24/1897-5/16/1975 (PVT USA WWI) Newsom, Mary Elizabeth------8/11/1897-2/12/1976 (wife of Rayburn Z.) Patterson, Pansy------------10/7/1913-5/7/1998 Patterson, R. Raybon--------9/9/1911-8/11/1986 (husband of Pansy) Pickens, Nellie C.----------2/23/1908-
Pickens, Herman Lee---------4/20/1905-1/7/1982 (husband of Nellie C.) Pickens, Doris Ruth---------6/25/1935-6/15/1937 Pipkin, Eva-----------------6/26/1890-10/29/1965 (wife of Alonzo) Pipkin, Alonzo--------------1/27/1890-12/9/1967 Pipkin, Maureen O.----------8/4/1920-3/2/1998 Pipkin, Oscar Mays----------9/21/1891-3/20/1933 Pipkin, James Len-----------6/22/1944-12/24/1961 Pipkin, Woodrow-------------5/19/1913-11/16/1987 (PVT USA WWII) Pipkin, Ruby----------------6/19/1920- (wife of Woodrow) Presley, Eddie--------------6/4/1957-6/5/1988 (beloved son and brother) Reece, Julian L.------------2/24/1917-1/5/1991 (husband of Dorothy J.) Reece, Dorothy J.-----------2/16/1931 Riles, Leora----------------12/4/1887-9/22/1941 (wife of C.P.) Riles, C.P.-----------------5/10/1885-12/14/1964 Riles, Adrian Alene---------1926-1927 (daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.K. Riles) Roland, William-------------4/16/1927-11/8/1965 ( PFC USMC WWII) Roland, Linda---------------1/18/1949- Roland, Jimmy---------------7/5/1934-9/14/1988 (husband of Linda)(married 12/22/1979) Roland, William-------------4/416/1927-11/8/1965 PFC US Marine Corps WWII Roland, W. Inez-------------10/11/1908- Roland, Joe N.--------------9/30/1916-4/18/1993 (husband of Inez) Stovall, Annie May----------5/29/1887-5/1/1970 (wife of Willie P.) Stovall, Willie P.----------5/19/1889-9/3/1980
Stovall, Frank L.-----------5/5/1912-12/10/1986 (husband of Ethel L.) Stovall, Ethel L.-----------9/12/1916- married 11/19/1935 Thomason, Amelia MaBell-----10/20/1880-11/5/1971 (Mother) Turner, Jeff----------------2/9/1907-5/30/1967 (husband of Audie) Turner, Audie---------------9/25/1907- Turner, George W.-----------5/6/1901-5/18/1940 Williams, Helen Dudley------11/21/1910-5/13/1963

Old tombstone under tree at back of cemetery hidden under brush and flowers: P.L. daughter of J.T. and M.J. Jackson 18 years old (no dates) (Aunt Tip Jackson told Ida Mae Horton that this was the daughter of a family in a wagon just passing through.

Note: George T. Crawford donated the land for this cemetery as well as land for the old Poplar Corner Baptist Church which is no longer there. )A new church has been construction on the main 412 highway just outside of Jackson, TN.) The land is still owned by the Crawford family.

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