Memphis - Home of the Blues and Rock 'n' Roll!!

It was here on Beale Street in 1909, that W.C. Handy first wrote down the sounds that African-Americans had played and sung in the Delta cotton fields for generations. Handy's "St.Louis Blues," perhaps the most popular Blues song of all time, established the genre and made Beale Street the magnet for the new music. Today, restored Beale Street is a national historic landmark, teeming with music clubs, shops and restaurants. Handy's home is nwo a museum open to the public.

Another musical revolution took place in Memphis in the early 1950s. Sam Phillips's tiny Sun Studio started recording a new amalgam of Blues-based music with local unknowns Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison. Rock 'n' Roll was born. Visitors can tour the original Sun Studio and listen for echoes of those historic sessions. Of course, no music lover can leave Memphis without seeing Graceland. Two-hour tours of Elvis's home include the "jungle den" and the trophy room lined with his gold records.

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