The Lighter Side of FMS!

You may say there is no lighter side of Fibromyalgia but YES there is!! Without happiness and laughter our lives would be completely unsatisfying. I have learned that the best way to deal with the pain is to think about others and what we can do for them rather than our own problems. In no way am I making light of our pain - because sometimes it's totally impossible to see the happy side when the FMS Flare Ups hit.

Listed here are some sites I found on the internet that address the humorous side of FMS. Please enjoy them - and if there are others you find please email me so I can add them. We can all use a little of the lighter side of life.

You know you have Fibro/CFIDS when.... - a great site for humor - yes there is humor in the midst of pain and suffering. Don't miss an opportunity to smile.

Fibro Fog Follies - another great site for lifting our moods when we think we're the only human being losing our minds.

Fibro Fog - some of these are hard to believe but we've all been there!

CFS Daze - a game for fibro foggers.

Cheri's Random Thoughts - very good overview of how to deal with the ups and downs of FMS.