Favorite FMS Links

Living with FMS
My favorite site so far - wonderful support group here.

Large womens site - many chats, forums and special articles. Better Health section is a wonderful place to find a support group. Fibrohugs.com - one of the best overall FMS sites on the internet: Several forums, chatrooms, breaking health news, bookstore, poems, articles, inspiration, special friendships. Join this great site!

Bookchat - are you an avid reader? This is a bookchat club for people with CFS/ME/FM or related conditions.

Rest Ministries - Rest Ministries, a non-profit Christian organization serving people who live with chronic illness or pain.

Physical Proof of FMS - read this news article about a suicide that could have been avoided.

med-help.com's FMS Page - don't miss this great site.

CFIDS/FMS/MCS/GWS - don't miss the wealth of information on this site - dedicated with love to all chronic pain symdrome sufferers.

FMS and CMPS - This site describes two medical conditions which often occur together: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome.