FMS Treatment

  • Medication to improve deep sleep.
  • Regular sleep hours and an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Daily gentle aerobic exercise and stretching.
  • Avoidance of over exertion and stress.
  • Treatment of any coexisting sleep disorders.
  • Patient education.
Medication by itself is of little value in treating fibromyalgia. Successful treatment demands the patient's active involvement in treatment as well as lifestyle changes. Each of the six parts of treatment above is important. If any one is omitted, the chance of significant improvement is considerably reduced.
Every one of us that suffers from FMS have a combination of different symptoms and will require different combinations of treatment. What works for one of us may not work the other so we each have to do some experimenting to determine which treatment is best for our needs. Since I've just been diagnosed I have been prescribed some medications to take to try to relieve some of the symptoms as well as allow me to have a better quality of life. My doctor has prescribed Wellbutrin, Flexeril, Ambien and a 7 day period of Prednizone for the chronic itching I have recently experienced. So far the medications are easing some of my symptoms but I've not been on them long enough as yet to determine long-term benefits.

Various Treatment and Coping Methods

Information About Medications by Dr. Devin Starlanyl, physician, author and sufferer of FMS.

Dr. Clark's Stretching Video Very good video to help you incorporate some stretching exercises into your treatment IF you are able to handle some light excercise. It is said that exercise hurts at first and much be approached slowly but that after a while it really helps.

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