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JavaScript Links

Here are some JavaScript Links that have been helpful to me:

JavaScript Authoring Guide
This is Netscape's own JavaScript documentation. A must bookmark if you plan to do any JavaScript programming.

JavaScript-Intro by Voodoo
This site contains a lot of examples along with source code to get you started on JavaScript quickly. This is the place I learned JvaScript from.

JS Resources a 2 z
The site based on the upcoming JavaScript book "JavaScript for Pros" by Reaz Hoque has it all. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned JS programmer, you will find this place interesting. It has JavaScript documentation, tutorials, examples and links to other JavaScript sites.

Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory
This is primarily a Java site but it also has a huge collection of JavaScript resources. Be sure to check it out.

The JavaScript Planet
This site is absolutely packed with JavaScript. If you are looking for scripts to add to your page, in all probability, you will find it at this site. Be sure to check out the MSIE style navigation menu - it's coool (pity it won't work in MSIE).

NCSA-A Biginners Guide to HTML
The best site to start learning HTML. Covers all the basic tags and demonstrates how to use them in web pages. The site also has links to advanced topics such as FORMS, CGI scripts and FRAMES.

WebTechs Validation Service
Check your HTML code for syntax errors and ambiguities. You can either specify a URL or copy the HTML code into the form and get it checked.